Emerging Economists

The Hon. Paul Keating

The Hon. Paul Keating left school at 15, joined the ALP, became President of the parties NSW Youth Council and was elected in 1969 to the House of Representatives as the Member for Blaxland. In 1975 he became the youngest ever federal Minister as Minister for Northern Australia in the Whitlam Cabinet.  When the ALP was returned to Government in March 1983, Mr Keating became Treasurer, a position he held until 1991 when he became Prime Minister then led the ALP to an historic fifth term of Government. While in government Mr Keating implement far-reaching economic reforms, including: deregulation of the financial sector; the float of the Australian dollar; extensive tax reform; and the dismantling of protectionist barriers. Other reforms included, deregulating the airline and telecommunications industries and establishing a national framework for power, the National Training Authority, a national superannuation scheme, the review of the Sex Discrimination Act, the historic Mabo legislation and protection of endangered species, and focusing Australian external policy towards Asia. Following the defeat of the ALP in March 1996, Mr Keating resigned from Parliament. Mr Keating is Visiting Professor of Public Policy at the University of New South Wales and has been awarded multiple Honorary Doctorates. Mr Keating's book, “Engagement: Australia Faces the Asia-Pacific”, examines Australia's foreign policy objectives and achievements during his term as Prime Minister and was published in March 2000.

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Emerging Economists

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